A Collective Diary by Families in Singapore

For Love's Sake collates and publishes stories by fathers, mothers, sons and daughters in Singapore to capture those cherished moments with our loved ones.

Our Mission

To foster an online community celebrating families in Singapore.

"It takes a village to raise a child."


The meaning of the proverb has evolved through the times and now, For Love's Sake is giving it a digital and local twist by building an online kampong.

We want to foster the same openheartedness and generosity in every member of this online kampong, in terms of providing emotional support and holding space for others. 

Let us share stories, spread love, and create a homely online environment for everyone.

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A Quick Check

Please run through these quick questions before submitting your story.

Is this your personal story?

To safeguard the interest of the individuals mentioned in the story, please only submit your own story. You will be responsible for your own content.

Is your story about family?

For Love's Sake is only curating stories about families in Singapore. These can be from a child's, parent's, or even grandparent's perspective.

Does your story abide by our community guidelines?

We want to create a warm and safe environment for everyone. Stories that do not adhere by our guidelines will not be published.

Are you comfortable with this story being published on a public platform?

As with any engagement on public platforms, there are risks involved. (However, we promise to do our best in protecting our members..)


Volunteer with us

Join us in capturing cherished moments of families in Singapore.

We are looking for:

  • Translators
    Able to translate written Tamil/Malay/Chinese to English

  • Ambassadors
    To encourage their friends and families to share their stories

Drop us an email at forlovessake.sg@gmail.com and we'll be in touch with you shortly!

For Love's Sake

Inspired by the best-selling Humans of New York (HONY), we aspire to build a community around families in Singapore, by bringing stories of kids, mums, dads, grandparents, from all walks of life, in any life situation, to our followers.

We collate and publish stories about families in Singapore to produce reflective pieces from serious, to lighthearted, just for laughs post.

Our Goal

With the kampong idea in mind, we hope to foster the same openheartedness and generosity in terms of providing emotional support and space to others in our online kampong.

Summary of Our Guidelines

We seek to build a supportive, welcoming community. All stories are published with permission from the person(s) involved. That also means they entrust their stories to us and our community - to you.

Be kind, be supportive. Live, Laugh, Love. Let's shape a kampong for families in Singapore.

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