For Love's Sake Journey

Dec 2019

For Love's Sake started out as a social campaign for our university's Final Year Project.

A survey showed that 4 in 5 mums experience mum guilt in Singapore, and the team developed For Love's Sake as an initiative to advocate Shared Parenting.

Jan-Feb 2020

To spread word of our campaign, we organised giveaways encouraging parents to share their Shared Parenting experience and communicate with their spouse. We also rolled out podcasts and videos featuring parenting experts and parents alike.

Mar 2020

Roadshows were held at Bukit Panjang Public Library and Bukit Batok Public Library to engage with young families, giving them FLS calendars with monthly prompts, as well as children's activity booklets to encourage families to learn more about one another. Parents could also take the Parental Stress Quiz, which explores the specific aspects of parenthood that are particularly stressful.

Apr-Aug 2020

Upon the completion of our FYP, we continued our partnership with DADS for Life and MUMS For Life, through a series of videos celebrating mums and dads for Mother's Day and Father's Day. We also collaborated with Love Bonds SG and Michelle Hon, known as The Chill Mom, for giveaways. A radio feature was also secured with CNA938, to reach out to more families.

Sept 2020 - now

Most parents whom we had the pleasure of interacting with told us how "it takes a village to raise a child".  Their stories of struggles and joy in parenting also stayed with us long after we have part ways.

Such experiences inspired us to embark on a new direction - to build a safe and warm community for families to share their stories with others.


The Team

Elysia Ong

Media Planner cum

Community Engagement Officer

Jayne Ong

Designer cum Content Manager

Pang Wen Shuan

External Engagement Officer

For Love's Sake

Inspired by the best-selling Humans of New York (HONY), we aspire to build a community around families in Singapore, by bringing stories of kids, mums, dads, grandparents, from all walks of life, in any life situation, to our followers.

We collate and publish stories about families in Singapore to produce reflective pieces from serious, to lighthearted, just for laughs post.

Our Goal

With the kampong idea in mind, we hope to foster the same openheartedness and generosity in terms of providing emotional support and space to others in our online kampong.

Summary of Our Guidelines

We seek to build a supportive, welcoming community. All stories are published with permission from the person(s) involved. That also means they entrust their stories to us and our community - to you.

Be kind, be supportive. Live, Laugh, Love. Let's shape a kampong for families in Singapore.

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