12 questions for you to start talking to your spouse about parenting. It's now available in two formats for you to download - you can choose between calendar or poster.


Free printable 2020 calendar created for families in Singapore. With MOE school holidays and public holidays consolidated into one, you can easily make plans in advance!

One question a month

Start talking to your spouse about parenting regularly with these easy conversation starters.

To-do list

Keep track of the things that you and your spouse have to do!

Integrated calendar

Both MOE school calendar and public holidays are reflected in this calendar.


A versatile format for your convenience. Print this poster and put it up anywhere you like. Perhaps an eye-catching place where you can have quality conversations with your spouse?



Parental stress quiz

Everybody experience parental stress. Find out how stressed you are and what you can do about it.

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Tune in to The Parenting Pod and find out what experts have to say about mum guilt, parental stress and shared parenting.


Every family is different but we can still enjoy each other's stories and sharing! Let's laugh and learn about parenting together.

For Love's Sake

Inspired by the best-selling Humans of New York (HONY), we aspire to build a community around families in Singapore, by bringing stories of kids, mums, dads, grandparents, from all walks of life, in any life situation, to our followers.

We collate and publish stories about families in Singapore to produce reflective pieces from serious, to lighthearted, just for laughs post.

Our Goal

With the kampong idea in mind, we hope to foster the same openheartedness and generosity in terms of providing emotional support and space to others in our online kampong.

Summary of Our Guidelines

We seek to build a supportive, welcoming community. All stories are published with permission from the person(s) involved. That also means they entrust their stories to us and our community - to you.

Be kind, be supportive. Live, Laugh, Love. Let's shape a kampong for families in Singapore.

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