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Community Guidelines

It is important to know the dos and don'ts as a kaki in this online kampong, and understand why some stories are published while certain ones are not.

For further clarification, please email

Submit content that you have the right to share.

We want to hear your stories, from your perspective. Not your friend’s, nor your neighbour’s. If you know stories of others that you hope more people could hear about, firstly, encourage the person(s) involved to share on their own. Otherwise, if you are sharing on their behalf, do seek permission.

Always, always, always ask!

Consider family-appropriate photos and captions to share with a community from all walks of life.

Need we say, our Kampong is for all ages, races, and religions.

Think about the story you wish to contribute – will your photo and words bring out your intent well? Is it appropriate for a child to see this? Can families of any race and/or religion resonate with your story? If you’re really unsure, reach out to us!

Respect others in the community.

This applies to both the stories you submit and your comments on another’s story. Be mindful of the words you say. Do they do more harm than good? What is your intent behind this comment? Can your words hurt another? Are you making a discriminatory judgment here? We implore you to think and choose what you say carefully.

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A final note

By submitting your photos and captions to us, you agree to our Kampong Guidelines. We’re all here to create a safe and supportive community for families in Singapore, and we can only do this with your help. It all ties down to your intent – from why you wish to share your story and photo, to why you wish to leave a comment with us.


We reserve the right to not publish any submissions, or to remove any comments that do not fit our guidelines.

Tell us your story

We are here to listen.


For Love's Sake

Inspired by the best-selling Humans of New York (HONY), we aspire to build a community around families in Singapore, by bringing stories of kids, mums, dads, grandparents, from all walks of life, in any life situation, to our followers.

We collate and publish stories about families in Singapore to produce reflective pieces from serious, to lighthearted, just for laughs post.

Our Goal

With the kampong idea in mind, we hope to foster the same openheartedness and generosity in terms of providing emotional support and space to others in our online kampong.

Summary of Our Guidelines

We seek to build a supportive, welcoming community. All stories are published with permission from the person(s) involved. That also means they entrust their stories to us and our community - to you.

Be kind, be supportive. Live, Laugh, Love. Let's shape a kampong for families in Singapore.

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